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Are you bothered by sagging skin or excess fat in your neck area? A Neck Lift, also known as cervicoplasty, can improve the appearance of your neck and jawline. Rejuvenate your appearance and take years off with a neck lift procedure. In our practice we typically combine facelift and neck lift, as the structures are all connected.

Neck Lift at Taylor & Sullivan Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

At Taylor & Sullivan Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Boston, MA, our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Sullivan, specialize in Neck Lift procedures to help patients achieve a smoother, more contoured neck and a more confident profile.

How the Face Ages

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As we age, our faces undergo many changes, including the loss of skin elasticity and volume, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, and the development of sagging skin in areas like the neck and eyelids. These changes can make us appear older and more tired than we feel. However, with modern cosmetic procedures like a Neck Lift, it’s possible to put things back where they belong.

What is a Neck Lift?

A Neck Lift, or cervicoplasty, is a procedure that contours and tightens the skin, fascia, and muscles in the neck area. The surgery can be performed in various ways, depending on the individual patient’s needs and desired results, but is typically part of a facelift procedure. Common techniques include liposuction to remove excess fat, platysmaplasty to tighten the muscles in the neck, and skin tightening to smooth out sagging skin. The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

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With a Neck Lift Boston patients can take advantage of numerous benefits, including:

  • Help you feel yourself
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A more rejuvenated and youthful appearance
  • Reduction of sagging skin and wrinkles in the neck area
  • Improved contouring of the jawline and neck

Am I a candidate for a Neck Lift?

There is no firm age cut off for this surgery, but not everyone is a candidate for our Boston Neck Lift procedure. The best candidates are generally those who are in good overall health and have realistic expectations for the results of the surgery.

Some factors that may disqualify a person from receiving a neck lift include:

  • Certain health conditions, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Immunosuppression, or steroid use
  • Significant allergies to anesthesia or other medications used during the surgery
  • Smoking or tobacco use

A neck lift can address a variety of concerns, including:

  • Excess skin or fat in the neck area
  • Sagging skin or wrinkles in the neck and jawline
  • Double chin or jowls
  • Poor definition in the chin or jawline
  • Visible bands in the neck muscles (turkey neck)
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Consultation and Preparation

During the consultation, we will review your medical history with you, discuss your goals for the procedure, and examine the neck area to determine the best approach. You should avoid smoking and certain medications in the weeks leading up to the surgery to minimize the risk of complications.

Complementary Procedures

Combining a neck lift with other procedures, such as a facelift or brow lift, can enhance the overall results and reduce recovery time. In our practice it is very rare to treat the neck without the face, or the face without the neck. The plastic surgeon can help patients determine which procedures are right for them during the consultation.


A facelift is one of the most common procedures combined with a Neck Lift. A facelift is a surgical procedure that can improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as jowls, sagging skin and loss of jawline definition. During the procedure, the surgeon will lift and reposition the underlying tissues such as the SMAS fascial layer, tighten the skin, and remove extra skin. The results can last for years. Frequently we will also perform some fat grafting in the cheeks and lips.

The Taylor & Sullivan Neck Lift Procedure

At Taylor & Sullivan Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, the Neck Lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make incisions behind the ears and under the chin to access the neck muscles and remove excess skin and fat. The muscles and fascia are then tightened, and the remaining skin is repositioned and sutured in place. The procedure typically takes 3-4 hours to complete, and is typically performed with a facelift.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

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After a Neck Lift procedure, you should take some time off from work and other activities. Most patients require at least one week of downtime to allow for proper healing. During this time, it is important to rest and avoid strenuous activities that could stress your neck.

During the recovery period, there are certain things you should avoid doing to ensure proper healing. These include:

  • Avoiding any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise
  • Refraining from smoking or using tobacco products
  • Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or tanning beds

Proper incision care is crucial for ensuring optimal healing after a neck lift procedure. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions on how to care for your incisions during the recovery period. This may include keeping the area clean and dry, avoiding harsh chemicals or irritants, and applying topical ointments as directed. Sutures are typically removed 5-7 days post op.

While a Neck Lift can provide long-lasting results, it is important to maintain good skincare habits after the procedure. This may include using sunscreen daily, avoiding smoking or tobacco use, and following a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Why choose Taylor & Sullivan Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery?

Taylor & Sullivan Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery is led by two board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Stephen Sullivan and Dr. Helena Taylor. Both doctors have extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, are craniofacial fellowship trained, and are recognized as leaders in their field. They have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including being named Top Doctors by Boston Magazine every year since starting their practice in Cambridge. They are committed to natural looking results that make you feel yourself. Mount Auburn is a lovely hospital, and committed to providing personalized care to each patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Neck Lifts common?

Neck lifts are a popular cosmetic surgery procedure, with many individuals seeking to rejuvenate and tighten up their neck and jawline.

Is a Neck Lift painful?

Most patients are pleasantly surprised with how little discomfort they have. But everyone is different, and the practice is committed to keeping people comfortable, while minimizing narcotic usage.

What are the risks associated with a Neck Lift?

Like most surgical procedures, there are some risks associated with Neck Lifts, including bleeding, scarring, problems with healing and nerve damage. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon and following all pre- and post-operative instructions.

What can I expect for recovery after a Neck Lift?

Each individual’s recovery time after the procedure varies, but most patients can return to normal activities within two weeks. However, the final recovery may take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Is a Neck Lift permanent?

While a Neck Lift can produce long-lasting results, time marches on. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a good skincare routine can help prolong the results of the procedure.

What is a good age to get a Neck Lift?

There is no specific age for the procedure, as each patient’s needs and concerns are unique. The right time is if and when it bothers you enough. Comorbidities may prevent you from being a surgical candidate, as would smoking or immunosuppression.

Can I combine a Neck Lift with other cosmetic treatments?

Yes, a neck lift can be combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, to achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation of the face and neck. It is rare in our practice to perform a Neck Lift without a facelift, as the incisions are the same and the structures are all connected.

How much does a Neck Lift cost?

The cost of a Neck Lift can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. You will receive a personalized quote based on your specific procedure.

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