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With a surgical Lip Lift in Boston, you can have it all. This simple, outpatient, minor surgical procedure can give your lips a boost without the endless maintenance appointments that come with other methods. If a patient has a lot of space between their top lip and nose, fillers may just make the lips seem heavy and weighed down. Some patients want a bit more of their teeth to show when they smile, and a lip lift is a great option to address this. The best part is these improvements can be achieved with minimal downtime and little to no pain.

Lip Lift at Taylor & Sullivan Boston Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

At Taylor and Sullivan, experience is key. With a delicate surgery such as a lip lift, you want to have an experienced, skilled, highly trained plastic surgeon. Both Dr. Helena Taylor and Dr. Stephen Sullivan, along with the entire aesthetic team in Boston, MA, are qualified and trained to smoothly guide you through each step of your Lip Lift procedure.

What is a Lip Lift?

A surgical lip lift is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance of the vermilion border - the area where the skin and lips meet - by removing a small strip of skin between the upper lip and the nose.

This procedure results in a more lifted and defined lip shape, as well as an increased visible surface area of the lips. The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and involves a strategic incision at the nostril crease for minimal scarring. Unlike other lip enhancement techniques, a surgical lip lift is a permanent solution and does not require ongoing maintenance. Many people opt for this procedure to achieve a more youthful and harmonious facial appearance, as it can improve the overall proportion between the lips and other facial features.

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What can Lip Lift do?

If you’re looking to permanently enhance and improve the look of your lips with a subtle but effective change, a surgical lip lift may be exactly what you’re looking for. A lip lift involves very little downtime, so recovery is typically mild and manageable. You can get great results with no maintenance. With a surgical Lip Lift Boston patients get benefits such as:

  • Lifted lips and the appearance of more volume
  • Create a symmetrical and refined lip outline
  • Very minimal to undetectable scarring
  • Typically easy, one to two-week recovery period
  • General anesthesia and sedation are not needed in most cases
  • Greater tooth show at rest and smiling.

Am I a candidate for Lip Lift?

Ideal candidates for surgical lip lift are in overall good health, are over 21, and are looking to achieve an understated but refined lip aesthetic. General anesthesia and sedation are usually not necessary, so this is a very accessible surgery for many patients. Boston Lip Lift patients typically want to:

  • Add a look of volume to thin lips
  • Bring symmetry to uneven lips
  • Avoid time-consuming maintenance appointments
  • Enjoy a speedy recovery period
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Consultation and Preparation

During your consultation, we will examine your face, talk about your aesthetic goals, and determine if a surgical Lip Lift is a great fit for you. We will also discuss scheduling and preparation. Typically, there is not much prep needed for this procedure, but we may ask that you pause certain medications, such as blood thinners, for a few days prior to surgery. You will receive comprehensive information on what to expect during your consultation.


Lip Lift surgery is a simple outpatient procedure, and in the vast majority of cases, only local anesthetic is used to create a full numbing effect. First, your skin will be cleansed and you will be injected with the anesthetic. Next, very small incisions are made in the nostril crease, and a tiny strip of skin is excised and removed. Finally, the remaining skin is repositioned up toward the nose, which provides the lifted result. Tiny sutures are placed, and there is a brief recovery period. This procedure typically takes no more than an hour to complete.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

You will be able to return to most daily activities right after surgery, but you should take it easy for a few days to allow for proper healing. There will likely be about one week of swelling and minor discomfort. This should all resolve within about two weeks. Incision scars should be largely healed and begin to nearly disappear within six to eight weeks. The final results should be visible at this point. This surgery is permanent and shouldn’t ever need revision unless the patient decides they want to adjust the results.

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Why Taylor & Sullivan?

Both of our lead physicians are board-certified Harvard faculty members and Boston Top Doctors. You will not find a better team of skilled and qualified plastic surgeons in Boston than Dr. Helena Taylor, MD, PHD, FACS, and Dr. Stephen Sullivan, MD, MPH, FACS. Together with their highly trained team, they strive to offer excellence in aesthetic outcomes and the highest quality patient care.

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Lip Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lip Lift surgery painful?

Lip lift surgery is typically not a painful procedure since a local anesthetic is administered to ensure complete numbness of the area. However, it is fairly common to experience mild swelling or discomfort during the short recovery period.

What are the risks associated with a Lip Lift?

Lip lift surgery is very safe, especially when performed by a skilled and licensed professional. Minor side effects like swelling or redness may occur, and very rare risks could include infection or bleeding.

Is a Lip Lift permanent?

Yes, in contrast to injections or implants, Lip Lifts are permanent. Since the upper lip area changes very little during the aging process, this should not affect your results much, if at all.

Will I need to modify how I sleep following the procedure?

To reduce swelling and encourage healing, you should sleep on your back, slightly elevated, for the first week or so.

Will I need to have someone drive me home following the procedure?

In most cases, a Lip Lift can be performed with only local anesthesia, so if this is the method chosen for your surgery, you will be able to drive and resume normal daily activity right after the procedure.

How much does Lip Lift cost?

The cost of lip lift surgery varies depending on the exact method that is used.

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