Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)


Torn Earlobe Repair


Ear Reconstruction


Keloid Scar

Ear piercings can sometimes develop into large scars, known as keloid scars. The scars can grow quite large like a tumor.


Ear Keloid scar
ear reconstruction postauricular flap.jpg

Ear Reconstruction with postauricular flap

This patient has squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer on the ear. The cancer was resected and the ear reconstructed with a postauricular flap. On the right, the ear is seen several weeks later with a normal appearance and cancer cured.

ear replant.jpg

Ear Replant

One of the most technically difficult and demanding operations is this example of ear replant, published by Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Taylor in the New England Journal of Medicine. Fewer than fifty successful operations such as this have been reported around the world. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Sullivan successfully restored this patient's ear after a dog bit injury. The ear and the blood vessels were reattached using super microsurgery and a high powered microscope. The leech, seen in the middle image, was necessary to reduce venous congestion while the body restored blood flow. On the far right, the ear is seen several months later with a normal appearance.