Top Surgery


Gender Confirmation (Top Surgery) is performed for MTF or FTM transsexual, transgender, or gender nonconforming people. Following the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care (WPATH 7 guidelines), Boston Mass plastic surgeons Dr. Taylor and Dr. Sullivan work with other health care providers and counselors from the entire region and around the country as well as those locally such as at Mount Auburn Hospital and the Fenway Clinic to prepare for a safe surgery and smooth postoperative recovery. Their experience as board certified plastic surgeons as well as fellowship training in craniomaxillofacial surgery gives them a rare and high level of training and experience to provide comprehensive gender confirming top surgery of the breasts, body contouring, and also facial operations such as facial feminization; forehead, chin and jaw remodeling; cheek implants; nose surgery; tracheal shave (chondrolaryngoplasty), and fat grafting for lip and cheek augmentation. They meet with each patient to provide education and ensure comfort with customized operations such as breast construction with breast implants or breast reduction. Breast construction can be performed with breast implants or fat grafting. Breast reduction or mastectomy is usually by a double incision mastectomy with nipple construction using a free nipple graft or by a circumareolar (keyhole) approach.


Wonderful Surgeon

Transgender - “Embraced as a human being”

Dr Sullivan is incredibly professional and very informative. I always knew he had my best interest at heart. As a transgender patient his level of understanding was incredible. His entire office became like family. I felt embraced as a human being.

Different Class

There are an exceptionally few “people” I’ve met in the world that have the kind of generosity, courtesy, and overall respect, Dr. Taylor was kind enough to give to me. Her dedication to make an actual difference in your life, however small the detail, cannot be emphasized enough. You will feel fortunate she chose this profession after one visit, much less a surgery if required, of which her passion and patience puts her in a different class of capable surgeons all together.
Wonderful experience. Wonderful surgeon who has a passion for what he does and is truly an advocate for his patients. So refreshing when the healthcare society is not so pleasant these days. I cannot say enough about how amazing a person and surgeon Dr. Sullivan is! Although I had to wait, it is worth it. Once seen, I felt that we had Dr. Sullivan’s undivided attention. He was patient and made us feel that we were the only patients on his schedule.